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Fire at Samsung Backup Data Center Takes Services Offline!

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A fire at a Samsung datacenter in Gwacheon, South Korea temporarily knocked out access to Samsung.com this morning. That's not that big of a deal, except for that the fire also knocked out the connectivity of a number of Samsung devices: Samsung's Smart TV with SmartHub, Samsung phones, and Samsung Blu-ray players, to name a few.
Basically, any Samsung device that requires Samsung servers to operate — or uses Samsung servers for some selection of its features, like Samsung's "Apps Mobile" store — were rendered inoperable this morning as a result of the fire.
The good news is that service appears to be restored for most devices as of this article's writing. The fire itself, which took place on the building's fourth floor, didn't have any associated fatalities either. The fire affected the building that houses Samsung's backup data center for Samsung's primary datacenter in Suwon, South Korea.
The PCBs for the new flagship smartphones were damaged by the fire, just like manufacturing equipment, according to a media report.
The fire was first reported at around 7AM on Sunday, the 9th of March, 2014. Asia News Agency reports that it took approximately 280 firefighters about six hours to stop the fire at the fab. Numerous fire trucks, helicopters and other machines were used to cease the fire, which destroyed production and equipment worth about $1 billion (€721 million, £601 million). Around 15 people were evacuated from the factory, there are no reports about injuries of casualties.
Samsung posted an official notice about the incident to its ICT Story website — in Korean, we note. The company did apologize for the issue, though it's unclear just how a fire at the company's backup datacenter managed to so significantly affect Samsung's primary services.
Additionally, there's no indication that Samsung plans to alter how its services operate in order to prevent such an issue going forward. According to some reports, users were unable to access third-party apps on their Samsung Smart TVs, as the TVs allegedly seem to require a connection to Samsung's servers before non-Samsung apps can even be launched. As Twitter complaints indicated, it appeared to be a frustrating situation for some users:
"NOTHING on Samsung TV Smart Hub works today because Samsung's main website is down! Very poor show @samsunguk," wrote Twitter user @timtj early this morning.


අයිෆෝනයට අභියෝගයක් වන ස්මාට්ෆෝනයක් චීනයෙන් ..... XIAOMI

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චීනයෙන් ආ ස්මාට්ෆෝනයක් දැන් අයිෆෝනය මෙන්ම වේගයෙන් ජනප්‍රිය වෙමින් පවතී..  එය XIAOMI වේ, එහි අලුත්ම මාදිලිය MI3 පසුගිය Oct/14 වෙනිදා එලිදැක්විය.

පළමු විනාඩි 1.5 (90s) තුල පමණක් ස්මාට්ෆෝන් ලක්ශයක් විකිනී ගියේය.
අද චීනයේ smartphone වෙලදපොලේ xiaomi පන්ගුව 5කි, Iphone පන්ගුව 4.8කි.

මෙම සමාගම මීට අවු. 3කට පෙර ආරම්භ කර ඇත , 2012 දී පමනක් smartphone මිලියන 7.19ක් විකුනා ඇත. 2013 2වන කාර්තුව වන විට මිලියන 7.03ක් විකුනා ඇත.

  Xiaomi ලාභ පන්නයේ චීන smartphoneයක් නොවේ, එය ඉතා උසස් මට්ටමේ hardaware ඇති නූතන එකකි.
 එහි ප්‍රචලිතම මෝස්තරය වන Red rice හි ඇත්තේ Mediatek Quadcore processor කි , 4.7" 720p Display/ 1GB Ram තිබේ.
Xiaomi තුල ඇත්තේ Android වුවද එය විශේශ එකකි.එහි ඇති MIUI android interface  එක සෑම සතියක් පාසාම අලුත් කෙරේ.ඒ xiaomi smartphone පාවිච්චි කරන්නන්ගේ යෝජනා අනුවය.ඒ අනුව දැන් xiaomi smartphone වලින් දුරකතන සන්වාද පටිගත කිරීමටද හැක.

Xiaomi smartphone සදහා apps ලබාගැනීමට MIUI Apps store තිබේ.xiaomi smartphone භාවිතාකරන්නන්ගෙන් 70% දෙනා apps download කරන්නේ මෙමගිනි..

දැනට Xiaomi විකිනීමට ඇත්තේ චීනයේ,තායිවානයේ හා හොන්කොන් වල පමණි.....

Click here

Windows store එකේ ඇප්ස් download වෙන්නැද්ද? මෙන්න විසදුම.....

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Windows store එකෙන් ඇප්ස් download කරන්න ගියාම pending වැටිල තියනවද?  
මෙන්න එහෙනන් ඒක හදාගන්න.....

1-     මුලින්ම command prompt එක open කරගන්න ...   (as Administrator)
    search/ CMD

2-  දැන්  cmd එකේ මෙහෙම ටයිප් කරන්න..        net stop wuauserv”      - windows update වීම නවතයි ,

3-දැන්   C/WINDOWS/     ගිහින්  SoftwareDistribution කියන File එක Delete කරල දාන්න ..

4- දැන් ආයිත් CMD එක ගන්න ..  (අලුතෙන් open කරනවනන් as Administrator,)

5-  ඒකෙ මෙහෙම type කරන්න ..   net start wuauserv

6-  දැන් CMD එක close කරන්න ,

7-දැන් control panel එකට ගිහින් troubleshoot open කරගන්න..

 ‘fix windows update problem එක click කරන්න 

8- run as admin ආවම next click කරන්න..     troubleshoot ඉවර වුනාම troubleshoot window එක close කරන්න.....

හරි දැන් store එකෙන්  download කරල බලන්න,,,        :)  :)  :)

Download mobile Partner 23

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Google sells Motorola to Lenovo

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Well this is unexpected. Google is selling Motorola, the iconic handset maker it bought for $12.5 billion in May of 2012, to Chinese PC maker Lenovo for $2.91 billion. Google CEO Larry Page has penned a short note about the sale, but he doesn’t get into details. Here’s why the deal makes sense.
Motorola was always an odd acquisition for Google; more than a year after the deal closed, analysts were still “scratching their heads” about what Google could have been thinking. It put Google in the awkward position of owning a company that competed with all of the other makers of Android smartphones. And while Google regularly protested that Motorola was just another partner, like all its other Android partners, it was a hard case to make given that Google installed one of its own, Dennis Woodside, as the CEO of Motorola. It was as if, at the height of the PC era in the mid 1990s, Microsoft had decided to undermine Dell and HP by buying Gateway and retooling it to selling Microsoft’s own PCs.
Aside from Motorola’s enormous trove of patents, which Google explicitly said at the time of acquisition were to be used to protect Android handset makers from being sued by Apple and Microsoft, the only reason for Google to buy Motorola was to transform it into a healthy counterweight to Samsung, which sells the overwhelming majority of Android smartphones. (Tellingly, Google is retaining the rights to Motorola’s patents, but will license them to Lenovo.)
And Google accomplished that. Motorola now makes one of the best, if not the best mid-range Android smartphone, the Moto X, along with its equally well-reviewed (and even cheaper) cousin the Moto G. But the Android phone hardware business resembles the PC business more every day. And margins in that business are brutal—after years of competition, they’re down to 2% to 3%.
What’s more, Google never ran Motorola with an eye toward profit. And given the recent fire-sale prices it’s been offering on the Moto X and G, ($70 discount on the former, half off on the latter) it’s clear that it’s always wanted to sell its Motorola-branded Android phones at the cheapest possible price, to get more people on Android, where they’ll use Google’s services, which is how Google actually makes money. Motorola has lost money for Google—hundreds of millions of dollars—every quarter it’s been on Google’s balance sheet.
From the consumer’s perspective, the way Google ran Motorola is the same model Google has used with its Google-branded tablets and other hardware, like the Nexus 7, which is built by its partner Asus and sells for less than half what the comparable retina iPad mini retails for. Google is like Amazon; the company is willing to break even on hardware in order to increase the market share of its money-making services.
It might seem like Google is taking a $10 billion bath on the sale of Motorola to Lenovo. But Motorola has already helped Google save what could amount tobillions of dollars on its taxes, which softens the blow. And there’s another way to look at this: Google has created a competitor to Samsung that is headed by an ex-Googler (for now) that will now go to a company, Lenovo, that has proved itself quite capable of succeeding in the low-margin hardware business. Lenovo is the #1 seller of PCs in the world by volume, and it’s also just taken on IBM’s low-end server business.
Yes, it costs Google billions of dollars to make the Android hardware ecosystem more diverse, but even if that wasn’t Google’s plan all along, it could in the end be worth the cost. Samsung, after all, is nervous enough about its dependence on Google that it’s trying to incubate its own smartphone operating system, called Tizen.